0. Please read this before using WinSSHTerm!

If you want to do some serious work with WinSSHTerm (especially if you're going to configure more than 15 connections), then it would be the best to personalize WinSSHTerm by making a donation. Alternatively you can use a version prior to 1.8.0. These versions don't have donation pop-ups, but they lack new features and fixes. If this is convenient for you, then be prepared to have much fun with WinSSHTerm...

1. How to use X?

X should work out of the box if you did not skip the X-Server installation in the initial setup. Simply open a connection and start a X application (e.g. "xeyes" like you can see on one of the screenshots).
If this doesn' work, you need to make sure that a) the X-Server is installed and b) the X-Server is running. Both can be controlled in the Preferences menu (Preferences->X-Server). To install the X-Server, click on "Download" to download the file "VcXsrv-portable-" and after that select this file by clicking on "Install". To start the X-Server, click on the "Start X-Server" button.

2. How to use the "Copy Files" feature?

If you right-click a connection you can open up a WinSCP session by clicking on "Copy Files". WinSSHTerm sends the connection configuration to WinSCP, so there is no need for manually creating a session in WinSCP and this is a good thing. Usually WinSCP will open up the user's home directory. You can change this by highlighting the full directory path in PuTTY before clicking on "Copy Files". WinSCP will then open up and automatically try to cd into that directory.
To enable this feature, you need to make sure that the portable executable of WinSCP is installed (Preferences->Copy Files). If you need to change some WinSCP settings (e.g. configuring a proxy), you can do this with command-line parameters. For more information please have a look here and here.

3. Which keyboard shortcuts can I use in WinSSHTerm?

Besides the shortcuts from PuTTY, WinSSHTerm provides additional shortcuts which are listed in the menu (Navigate->Shortcuts).

4. I need to change some PuTTY settings, but I can't find it in WinSSHTerm 

WinSSHTerm uses one shared PuTTY session (called "WinSSHTerm") for all connections. You can open PuTTY and manually change the session settings, which aren't configurable in WinSSHTerm and see if this works for you. However, if you manually change the session settings, then WinSSHTerm won't be fully portable any longer. If you find yourself in this situation please contact me.

5. How to update WinSSHTerm?

To update WinSSHTerm, download the new version, extract the zip and replace the file "WinSSHTerm.exe". In order to update the embedded tools like PuTTY or WinSCP, go to Preferences menu, download the new version and overwrite the old files by clicking on "Install".

6. Pressing the TAB key in the terminal client switches the tab

Sorry, of course this is a bug. It was fixed in version 1.3.6. It is possible to switch the tabs with CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB - this is the standard keyboard shortcut for switching tabs in MS Windows.

7. The PuTTY terminal is UTF-8 encoded, but not WinSCP

WinSCP checks the environment variable $LANG to decide whether to enable UTF-8 or not. If your $LANG is set to "POSIX", UTF-8 will not be enabled. To enable UTF-8 in WinSCP, set the $LANG to e.g. "en_US.UTF-8" or add the command-line parameters "/rawsettings Utf=1" in Preferences->Copy Files.